Photographers Wanted: Submissions & Referrals


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Photographers Wanted!

Tired of giving your images away to those giant stock agencies for pennies?  
Then you'll love us... we pay you 40%!

SoCal Stock Photos is always looking for talented photographers seeking to increase their income by selling images through a reputable stock agency. We are a stock agency run by a photographer for photographers!

We are specifically looking for Orange County and California images that showcase our unique location and lifestyle.
So if you have some great scenic landscapes or conceptual people shots that fit our format we’d like to get to know you. Work with a stock agency that cares about it's photographers, treats them like family, and fairly compensates them! 

To inquire about submitting your work go to the contact page and email us.


Need a photographer in Orange County or California?


If you are looking for a local photographer who can shoot commercial work, architecture, or conceptual people, we can refer the right photographer for your job.

SoCal Stock Photos has relationships with many talented and reliable photographers.

Email us and let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get you connected!